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Building one of anything is expensive. It can be a monumental task from start to finish. But, if you build the exact same thing over and over again, economy of scales kick in. Productivity and quality control goes way up while cost go way down, overall task time diminishes.

So how do we do it? Read on...


We’ve discovered new technology that helps us add space to your home in a simpler, non-invasive way. Our eco-friendly construction and modular insulated panels means less heat loss in the winter and therefore less burning of fossil fuels.

In fact, our additions can take up to 70% less energy to heat! Add the fact that we don’t dig, and we use fewer vehicles on the jobsite and you can see why using Simply Additions is just plain smart.

Use as much as


less energy to heat your new addition!


With a process that’s 3 times faster than traditional construction, we can confidently claim that your addition can be completed from start to finish in 60 Days!

All it takes is one meeting to start the process where we help select a suitable plan to suit your needs and provide a price on the spot. Then, our designers and engineers create a set of drawings specific for your home. Assuming no hiccups with planning, the permit should be issued within 10-25 days. Weather permitting, installation of the smart foundation, wood framing, roofing and windows is completed and your addition is ready for interior finishes.

Step 1


Step 2


10-25 days

Step 3


10-25 days

Step 4


5-10 days


With less time spent on site, no digging to install a foundation, and the use of smart, energy efficient materials, it’s simple to see how the savings add up. A Simply Addition is a cost effective way of adding living space to your home and has been the choice of motivated and inspired clinets who know what they want.

Cost Efficiency by
keeping services in-house

  • Design
  • Engineering
  • Permits
  • Exterior Shell

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